My DNAdventure – iamYiam genetic profiling (part 1) was founded by Lorena Puica after a series of serious health issues forced her to find an easier way to bridge the two worlds of modern science and natural health.


Dubbed the “Airbnb of natural health therapies”, iamYiam is a health and wellbeing plan backed by 169,000+ human based scientific research papers (and counting). The idea is to bring together quality practitioners of natural health (e.g. meditation, yoga, acupuncture, massage, psychosomatic therapies, retreats & more) with consumers and corporates, and make it easy to book the best wellness experiences, tailored exactly to individual needs and goals via genetic profiling, as well as a lifestyle questionnaire.


So here I go….I am strangely excited and obviously a bit nervous about what my results will tell me.  The first step is an at home saliva test which will be sent off to be tested as part of a genetic profiling technology – testing for 40 DNA parameters across diet, nutrients, health and fitness.


The test is taken first thing in the morning. Simply rinse the mouth with water and ten minutes later prepare the saliva sample…


Mix with the formula provided and drop into the prepaid envelope. Send.

The sample will tell everything about my health, nutrition and fitness story – and with the aid of genetic science & over 160,000 scientific research papers, iamYiam will translate my DNA into a personalised activity, nutritional and health plan.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so scared about a heart attack but should track my insulin more closely.  Imagine that I am gluten tolerant and can actually enjoy pasta and breads without worry (in moderate amounts, of course). What if I could benefit from eating more slowly and running less to lose more weight… These are only a few of the answers that genetic profiling can answer.
Check back in soon when my results will be in for this blog’s part 2.

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