Ahead of International Women’s Day: We celebrate three entrepreneurial women who’ve changed the wellness landscape

Ahead of International Women’s Day 2017 (8 March), we celebrate three women who’ve made great strides in effecting positive change in the wellness sector.

From championing preventative health and personalised wellness strategies, to creating spaces in which to disconnect (and reconnect), these inspiring entrepreneurs have developed new and exciting ways in which to improve one’s health and wellbeing.

All leaders within their own spheres of influence, Kate Percival MSc, CEO, Grace Belgravia, Lorena Puica, founder and CEO, iamYiam and Caroline Jones, Founder of Restival, are intelligent, empowering and driven individuals, who at the same time demonstrate feminine humility.

Below is a brief biography of each of the three women. For full biographies and interview opportunities ahead of International Women’s Day, please email info@indigoeight.com.



  • Kate Percival co-founded Grace Belgravia in 2012 with Dr Tim Evans, Apothecary to HM The Queen
  • Grace is London’s leading health, wellbeing and lifestyle club for women, built on the philosophy that to thrive in today’s society we need to invest in our health
  • As a businesswoman and working mother, Kate is passionate about supporting women in getting the very best out of their lives. She is a champion of preventative medicine and ageing well, which is at the heart of the Grace philosophy.
  • Kate is adamant that, whilst Grace is the “thinking woman’s club”, it is not remotely anti-men, just very pro-women. Men are welcome as guests of female members for breakfast, drinks and supper in the week and brunch at weekends.
  • Grace Belgravia was created to support and empower women and according to The Athena Doctrine, an extensive piece of research carried out by John Gerzema and Michael d’Antonio that proposes that the most innovative men and women in business are deploying feminine strengths and values to make the world a better place.
  • The Club is led by a team of internationally recognised medical experts and therapists who can advise for every stage of life. Members also have access to a gym, spa, restaurant and bar.
  • A dynamic events and networking calendar focuses on arts, fashion, culture, current affairs, health and wellbeing
  • Health and wellbeing in the workplace – being Fit for Business, Fit for Life – is a major Awards initiative that is being launched by Grace Belgravia in 2017 which supports this philosophy.  Also new for 2017 are #GraceTalks, a series of themed discussions in collaboration with Suzanne Duckett, spa editor of Tatler magazine.


  • Born and raised in Romania, Lorena is an entrepreneur, highly-qualified finance specialist, published author and extreme athlete.  She founded iamYiam in July 2015 having suffered serious health issues which had led her to explore less invasive, complementary and alternative approaches to her condition.
  • She took part in the 777 Challenge in February 2015, running seven certified marathons on seven continents in ten days to raise money for an educational charity. She sees this the turning point that inspired her to found the business.
  • iamYiam is a science-backed, quantifiable approach to preventative health and wellbeing. The online hub leverages technology and genetics, to bridge the gap between preventive health and science. It also offers a simple platform to link well-vetted, natural practitioners to customers, as well as acting as an online store for organic supplements. .
  • With a background in strategy consulting and investment management, Lorena has long had an interest in the societal and economic benefits of microfinance (especially for women) and in 2009 published Microfinance The Secret to Sustainable Growth: When the smallest efforts lead to the most constructive results.
  • She also serves as a guest lecturer at the Deggendorf Institute Of Technology, an Advisory Board Member at Deggendorf University and a Continuing Education Committee Member at  CFA UK. She speaks Romanian, English and German fluently and has working Spanish, Italian and French.  When not working on the business or undertaking extreme sports, Lorena is happiest writing, practising yoga, watching ballet or mentoring others.


  • Caroline launched Restival in 2015, through her understanding of the increasing need to switch off from our busy, technological-driven lives. An astute businesswoman, Caroline’s ventures are executed with the utmost consideration and humility.
  • With a background in events management, she successfully ran Shepherd’s Bush Empire for five years and created Cinema Fumee, the only cinema in London where you could smoke. She also consulted on spectaculars such as Concorde’s Farewell and the London 2012 bid, as well as high-production fashions shows, VIP parties, rooftop gigs and a multitude of UK festivals. Ten years ago, she set up Miss Jones and Co, which has won numerous awards for its experiential creativity in music, events and festivals.
  • Restival is a wellness adventure, a fusion of ‘retreat’ and a ‘festival’ which enables people to kick back, rest, meet, new people and re-discover their creativity. It’s a place for mindfulness and deep relaxation
  • Restival operates in eco-luxury, sustainable comfort. It’s off the grid so that you can rejuvenate without your digital device and indulge in delicious organic food, fresh elixirs, have a spa treatment and listen to tales, music and entertainment by the campfire at night, then sleep in a luxurious, warm tipi. The workshops in dance, music, art, meditation, yoga nutrition and sound immersion leave guests feeling connected to the earth with a new zest for life
  • Restival works in close collaboration with indigenous tribes, learning about their culture and investing in their future. The first Restival took place in the Sahara, in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains under the loving guidance of the Berber Nomads. In Arizona, they partner with the Navajo, who give Restival respectful, unprecedented access to their ancient spaces and wisdom. The Navajo lead authentic ceremonies, teach about ‘peacemaking’, their language and medicinal plants
  • The third Restival will take place beside the Navajo reservation in Flagstaff this autumn, from 14 – 19 September and then from 21 – 26 September.
  • Caroline and her team are working on multiple future Restival concepts with a growing international attendance. Each will be done in collaboration with indigenous tribes whose wisdom and life skills go right back to their roots: totally efficient, unapologetic and totally full of love and appreciation for nature and humanity.

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