What a way to start the day…


Renowned as a corporate wellness guru, Toby Maguire has been practicing the healing arts of the east for nearly twenty years. According to Toby, “Quite often the way we start the day can have an effect on how the rest of the day goes. So it is good to make sure you start the day positively.”

Toby’s five tips to starting the day in a positive way:

1) As you lie in bed, think for 5 minutes how you would like your day to go. Think about what you have scheduled for the day and think about the major events positively. This will automatically encourage you to feel positive before even getting out of the bed (especially useful on dark winter mornings).

2) 5 minutes of stretching and deep breathing in the morning helps to energise you. When we sleep at night, the circulation slows down so it is a good idea to help kick start it back into action. Stretching and deep breathing allows the oxygen and blood to flow around the muscles and the internal organs, thereby preparing the body for the day ahead.

3) 10 minutes of meditation is an excellent way to start the day. It puts the mind in a calm and relaxed state which helps you to deal with challenges more calmly, quickly and efficiently for the rest of the day.

4) Drink one pint of warm water (ideally with a dash of fresh lemon or lime).  During the night our bodies can often become dehydrated, especially with the effects of central heating. Drinking a pint of water first thing not only rehydrates the body but also helps to regulate the bowels!

5) Try and be mindful. Morning rituals are the perfect time to bring mindfulness into practice. Rather than allowing your mind to race away with you, try and focus on what you are doing and do it as perfectly as you possibly can, whether it is brushing your teeth, taking a shower or preparing breakfast. For when you learn to perfect the small things in life, you will begin to perfect the bigger things.

Toby Maguire is founder and CEO of Working in Balance, which runs retreats and workshops specialising in corporate wellness, and wellbeing in the workplace. http://www.working-in-balance.com


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