Restival Arizona – get your ticket to a brighter 2017

As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, what better time to book a trip to the sunshine?  Take inspiration from this Restival Arizona 2016 gallery, and book now for 2017. Be part of a new festival phenomenon taking the wellness scene by storm.


At Restival Arizona, individuals from all walks of life gather for five days in the Painted Desert.  


For two weeks in September 2017, Restival Arizona will return to the desert camp, located just 20 minutes outside of Flagstaff, with the famous art installation – Roden Crater – as its neighbour.


Offering more than just an amazing travel experience, Restival is filled with specially curated workshops and fun activities. Unplug, unwind and restore physical and mental equilibrium in a truly incredible setting.


Pampering is most definitely on the cards with wellness treatments and beauty therapies on offer, as well as yoga, meditation, gong baths, unique clothing collections and pop-up shops.


Indulge in your creative side with writing workshops, art installations and mask making.


Sup on delicious smoothies and tuck into delicious, organic meals.


Feel the heat in sweat lodges, sing and dance at cacao ceremonies, and learn about the cosmos from an eminent Navajo astrologer. 


Enjoy the true darkness of the desert…


…and sleep soundly in comfortable tipis and bell tents – made by the Navajo themselves.


With a trend in the US demonstrating a shift towards co-living communities, Restival already has this at its heart, working hand in hand with the Navajo tribe and local communities such as the STAR School. This is the first all off-grid, solar and wind powered, charter school in the country, whose vision is to create a learning community promoting self-reliance, alternative building methods and natural energy sources.


In Restival, founder Caroline Jones has created an off the grid experience which invites you to disconnect and then reconnect:

“Technology isn’t supposed to isolate us, it wasn’t designed to do that, but it does. It’s about being in the moment with another person. The local tribes that we meet on our travels do just that – they connect.  They communicate the old fashioned way, the way us humans were meant to.  It means we could care for one another more, be there for them, listen and engage with each other at Restival. That’s really hard to do on a text don’t you think?” Caroline Jones.


Restival is not a ‘digital detox’ that will be undone within days of returning home. It’s a life affirming, game changer. Book now for the best Christmas present you can give to yourself, or a loved one. 



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