8 Ayurvedic recipes that’ll make you reconsider healthy eating

In Ayurveda, healing comes from within as much as it does from the outside. Eating the right food, fine-tuned to a specific body type or dosha, determines the level of physical and mental wellbeing.  This is Ananda in the Himalayas’ chefs mantra in regards to the cuisine on offer at the renowned Indian destination spa, a favourite with royals and Bollywood stars.


Each dosha – Vata (energy of movement and the force governing all biological activity), Pitta (energy of digestion and metabolism) and Kapha (energy of building and lubrication) – provides guidelines on food groups and ingredients, depending on the balance or imbalance of its specific characteristics in each individual. Ananda’s menus are customised to each dosha and include seasonal, farm-fresh produce lovingly prepared with specific, healthier styles of cooking, without artificial salts, colourants and preservatives. The six fundamental food categories of sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent are combined with the three macro nutrients of protein, fat and carbohydrates, all of which provide essential nutritional factors – the key to wellbeing.

Think health and gourmet are an oxymoron? Think again. Ananda’s chefs prove that healthy eating needn’t be a chore and it can be fun and delicious with these 8 creative recipes:

(click on the links below to view the full recipes)

  1. Palm Heart & Haricot Bean Salad



2. Star Anise Scented Beetroot Poached Pears



3. Baked Asparagus Salad with Phyllo Pastry



4. Himalayan Beetroot & Goat’s Cheese Salad



5. Grilled Zucchini & Philadelphia Salad



6. Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Soy Bolognese

Whole wheat spaghetti- Kapha


7. Coconut flavoured Vegetable Stew with Lentils & Cumin Tempered Rice

Coconut flavoured vegetable stew- pitta


8. Japanese Style Vegetable Stew

Ananda-179 vata

For further information on Ananda in the Himalayas please visit anandaspa.com



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