3 places to go to relieve Brexit stress

Whether you were on the Leave team or supporting to remain within the EU, we think we can all agree on one thing. The past three weeks have been equally stressful, surprising/ shocking and befuddling for most. We’ve become spectators of a ‘Game of Thrones meets House of Cards’ drama (as The Guardian defined it).

However, as the days pass, we are all getting a bit Brexitted out. No one can blame you for desperately longing to take a break from all the debates, political feuds, 24/7 media coverage and run away from the B***** word. But where should you go? If your suitcases are half-packed, read on.

Ananda in the Himalayas India (for a mental detox)

This is as far as it gets, among the mighty Himalayas with incredible views over the snaking Ganges. One of the most popular wellness journeys in this renowned Indian destination spa is the Ananda Stress Management Programme – ideal for any B***** escapee.


Thanks to its holistic approach to Ayurveda, Yoga and Tibetan experiences along with Reiki healing, you’ll be able to manage and reduce stress whilst finally relaxing the mind.

Ananda Outdoor Treatment.jpg

Rose Quartz Facial, Yoga Nidra, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Tibetan Ku Nye Massage, Salt Scrub, Abhyanga are just few of the treatments you’ll enjoy as part of the programme.

Now… Boris who?

Le Mas Candille Mougins, France (for a gourmet relief)

Just across the Channel, our French cousins come to the rescue with gourmandises of all kinds. Mindful eating is the king of stay-calm tricks and Le Mas Candille knows it well.

This Provençal lindex-13.htmluxury hotel, close to Cannes, has a Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Candille, overlooking Grasse and the Pré-Alpes. You can kick start your break with an indulgent gourmet dining experience and also join head chef David Chauvac in the kitchen to discover the secret behind his favourite dishes. Cooking (and eating) is the best therapy to relieve stress.

-® 2015 Cook and Shoot by Aline GERARD-DSC_0770Picnic

On warm days, reconnect with nature on the hotel’s lavish grounds and nibble yourself happy with a delicious Michelin-starred picnic.

And if that’s not enough, one or two glasses of good French wine are the perfect cure for stress. Guests at Le Mas Candille can choose from private tours of the hotel wine cellar with the sommelier, to wine tasting with monks on the nearby Île Saint Honorat.


Restival Arizona USA (to unplug & recharge)

Taking place this September (from 12th – 17th), Restival Arizona will sit within the four Sacred Mountains that define Dinetah, the traditional Navajo homeland.

2016-02-07 16.46.07-1

A fusion of retreat and festival, this six-day gathering offers more than just an amazing travel experience. It is filled with specially curated workshops and activities which create a one-off opportunity to experience the Navajo Tribe’s ancient culture, heritage and wisdom.  Unplug, unwind and restore your physical and mental equilibrium in a truly incredible setting. Above all else, reimagine the world from a fresh and fascinating perspective with the help of Navajo community leaders and noted artists.

Azee bee Nahaga gathering 07 B 007.jpg

Plus there’s no wifi and no news updates on B*****.






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